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Why Grow Pulses?

Pulses can be part of a sustainable production strategy that contributes to the short-term and long-term profitability of your farm.

Growing pulses can help increase your farm’s profitability and decrease operating costs.

Pulses have the ability to fix their own nitrogen. This reduces the need to apply nitrogen fertilizer and can even reduce the nitrogen requirements of crops grown after pulses. Studies have also shown higher yields and quality in cereal and oilseed crops like wheat, canola and barley when grown after pulse crops.

Pulses also provide farmers with diversified marketing options. Canadian pulses are used in export and domestic markets as whole food products, value-added ingredients or animal feed.

Pulses contribute to the environmental sustainability of your farm.

Research shows that the largest proportion of greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector come from the manufacturing and use of nitrogen fertilizer. Since pulses fix their own nitrogen, they can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your farm. Pulses are also water-efficient crops that improve soil health.

Canadian pulses are part of healthy and sustainable diets worldwide.

In addition to their environmental benefits, pulses are an affordable source of protein, fibre and other essential nutrients and can help with the maintenance and prevention of diet-related diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Today, Canadian pulses help meet the nutritional needs of people in over 150 countries. As the world’s population grows, Canadian pulses will become an important part of diets that are good for people and good for the planet.