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The Canadian pulse industry has grown tremendously over the past twenty years to become a major player in global pulse production and trade, with a strong base of Canadian processing and exporting companies. Over this time, Canada has emerged to become the world's largest exporter of lentil and pea, and a top five bean exporter.

Canadian pulse production peaked in 2005 at more than 4.8 million tonnes, with pulse production normally in the range of 4 to 4.5 million tonnes per year. The value of Canadian pulses exports alone exceeded $1 billion in 2006. Quebec and Ontario produce bean crops (a wide array of coloured beans as well as the white navy bean), Manitoba produces white and coloured beans, as well as pea and lentil. Saskatchewan is the largest producer of pea, lentil and chickpea with a small bean industry, and Alberta produces beans under irrigation as well as pea, lentil and chickpea.

The Canadian animal feed market normally uses approximately half a million tonnes of peas each year. However, Canadian consumption of pulses as human food is low relative to many parts of the world. Approximately 75 per cent of Canadian pulse production is exported each year, normally to 150 countries around the world.

This section contains information on Canada's pulse production, exports, imports and utilization. Some of the information is in the form of links to other organizations that provide the most up to date information and statistics.

Canada's Pulse Industry in the Global Market Canada's Pulse Industry in the Global Market


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