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Project Abstract: Using infrared heat processing to improving lentil flour used in meat, poultry and fish products

The overall goal is to implement strategies for developing innovative thermally treated lentil ingredients suitable for global muscle food product applications and increase utilization of these pulse-based ingredients in consumer-ready muscle food products in global markets. This will be achieved through further evaluation of infrared heat processing as a means to improve functionalities of lentil flour for use as a multi-functional meat extender in frozen and heat processed comminuted muscle food applications, development of lentil flour-enhanced meat products for global markets, and consumer evaluation of meat products containing these pulse components.

In order to convince a meat processor to switch from current options, new ingredients must be multi-functional and offer both processor and consumer benefits. In this study, we carried out a detailed evaluation of micronized lentil flour, lentil seed coat, and lentil cotyledon in fresh and frozen beef burgers during storage. Additional evidence of the efficacy of specific lentil fractions in beef systems has been collected, showing good performance (enhanced color and lipid stability) in both raw and frozen beef model systems. A deeper understand of the antioxidant activity of lentil components in meat products was gained by evaluation in model myoglobin systems. Heat treated lentil flour, seed coat and extracts from seed coat were also evaluated using mechanically separated chicken as the meat model, showing antioxidant activity in cooked mechanically separated chicken meat. These studies provided useful information on the potential mechanism of action of lentil bioactive compounds in meat products.

In the final phase of our research on binder performance in meat products to promote expanded lentil utilization in international markets, we investigated the Filipino and Sri Lankan markets. We first worked with the Animal Product Research Centre, in Manila, the Philippines and developed two Filipino style meat products. More recently, we obtained the cooperation of a major meat processing company in Sri Lanka who has provided assistance in developing two Sri Lankan style meat products. We next will undertake a cross-cultural consumer study in Sri Lanka to optimize addition level of heat-treated lentil flour. This research should expand opportunities for value addition to Canadian pulses and will allow producers and processors to target new markets for their utilization.


Project lead: Dr. Phyllis Shand (306) 966-8842 phyllis.shand@usask.ca

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