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Using infrared heat processing to improving lentil flour used in meat, poultry and fish products

Pulse flours are high in protein and carbohydrates and can be used to replace wheat-based ingredients as binders and extenders in meat products. Widespread acceptance and use by the meat processing industry, however, requires detailed knowledge of pulses, their components and performance in meat products. This project builds on the knowledge acquired from a Growing Forward I research cluster project which determined micronized lentil and chickpea flours could be successfully incorporated into processed meat-based products as a binder and color stabilizer. Micronization, a continuous dry heating process in which infrared radiation is applied, results in decreased activity of undesirable enzymes and decreased the legume flavor, generating a bland and highly functional meat binder. 

The meat products developed in the first study were targeting the nutritionally motivated North American consumer and were high in protein and low in fat. For international markets, economic reasons play a larger role, and a meat binder that serves as a meat extender or replacer is desired. With this in mind, this study is examining the use of pulse-enriched (with micronized lentil) ingredients in various meat products intended for consumers in SE Asia and S America.

Theme: Pulse Processing & Utilization
Project Title: Thermal Pretreatment of Pulses for Innovative Ingredients and Consumer-Ready Meat Products II: Going Global
Funding partners: Saskatchewan Pulse Growers and Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada
Research Team: Dr. Phyllis Shand and Dr. Michael Nickerson – University of Saskatchewan; Dr. Janitha Wanasundara - AAFC Saskatoon; Dr. Mark Pickard – InfraReady Food Products Ltd.

Links to more information:
- Project Abstract
- SPG Pulse Research Magazine – Volume 1, page 24 article titled: “Binding Together. Research tests pulses as meat binders in commercial food products.”


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