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Selecting Early Maturing Dry Bean Lines with Improved Disease Resistance

Dry bean is an important pulse crop grown, processed and exported from Alberta, with beans grown in rotation with cereal, oilseed, potato, sugar beet and forage crops primarily under irrigation. The lack of early maturing dry bean cultivars with adequate level of resistance to white mould and common bacterial blight, however, is a major production impediment.

Reducing yield losses through the development of disease resistant cultivars is one of the most effective and environmentally sustainable methods for promoting stable crop production. Agronomic factors, such as lodging resistance, differences in plant architecture or early maturity, can sometimes be used in combination with forms of partial resistance to further reduce losses due to diseases. This research project is focused on improving resistance to white mould and common bacterial blight so that disease resistant lines can be advanced in annual breeding programs geared at developing better cultivars.

Theme: Genetic Improvement
Project Title: Selection of dry bean lines with improved canning quality attributes
Funding partners: Alberta Pulse Growers and Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada
Research Team: Dr. Parthiba Balasubramanian – AAFC Lethbridge; Dr. Syama Chatterton – AAFC Lethbridge

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