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Selecting Dry Bean Lines with Improved Canning Quality

Dry bean cultivars of various market classes including navy, pinto, black, light red kidney, dark red kidney, white kidney, great northern, red, pink, yellow, and cranberry bean are grown in Canada. The majority of navy bean and coloured bean seeds are canned for human consumption. Acceptance of dry bean cultivars is dependent on both dry seed (seed size, shape, colour, colour retention and seed coat integrity) and processed seed (canning quality) traits.

Protocols for evaluation of canning quality of experimental bean lines have been developed to aid in selecting bean lines with improved processed seed quality traits in bean breeding programs. This research project will enable: i) breeders to select genotypes with improved canning quality traits in a breeding program, ii) growers to choose cultivars with optimum quality for commercial production in their respective growing environments, and iii) processors to refine the canning protocol depending on the cultivar.

Genetic Improvement
Project Title: Selection of dry bean lines with improved canning quality attributes
Funding partners: Alberta Pulse Growers, Ontario Bean Growers and Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada
Research Team: Dr. Parthiba Balasubramanian – AAFC Lethbridge; Dr. Kirstin Bett – University of Saskatchewan; Dr. Anfu Hou – AAFC Morden


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