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Optimizing the frequency and sequence of pulses in cropping systems

Researchers are demonstrating that crop species and crop-specific cropping practices influence the soil microbiota in the Prairie with possible impact on cropping system productivity. Specific knowledge of the impact of pulse frequency and sequencing, however, is limited or lacking.

This 4 year crop rotational study is generating data on the use of field pea, chickpea and lentilin cropping systems and on the influence of these pulse crops on the physical, chemical and biological quality of the soil environment. In turn, this information will be used to improve crop rotation sequences used by Canadian Prairie producers.


Theme: Agronomic Improvements

Project Title: Optimizing the frequency and sequence of annual pulses in cropping systems and their impacts on crop performance, biotic and abiotic stresses, and soil quality attributes

Funding partners: Saskatchewan Pulse Growers and Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada

Research Team: Dr. Yantai Gan – AAFC Swif Current; Dr. Manjula Bandara – Alberta Agriculture; Dr. Chantal Hamel – AAFC Swift Current


Links to more information:

  • Project Abstract
  • SPG Pulse Point magazine – June 2016, pg 8
  • SPG Pulse Research magazine – Vol 3, pg 39


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