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Measuring the Effects of Lentil Fractions on Short-Term Blood Glucose, Insulin, Food Intake, and Appetite

Lentil fractions play a significant role in preventing and/or managing insulin resistance and hyperglycemia, satiety and food intake, and promote healthy body weights among adults. Given these attributes, food processors interested in utilizing lentil fractions want to include these kinds of health claims on food packaging and in marketing campaigns. Pulse Canada works with regulatory experts in Health Canada and the US FDA to advance the development of health claims for pulse proteins and other fractions, and will use the data from this study as scientific evidence. Pulse Canada will also communicate these results to pulse processors and the food manufacturing industry.

This study measured the effects of lentil ingredients (fiber, starch, and protein) in healthy young adult men (18-30 years of age) who consumed “treatment foods” (tomato soup containing 20 g of lentil protein isolate, lentil protein concentrate, lentil starch, or lentil fiber) or the treatment control (plain tomato soup). Treatments were administered five times per week for five weeks, and treatment consumption was followed by a pizza meal served at 30 minutes or 120 minutes following the treatments. Subjective appetite, blood glucose, and insulin were measured during both pre-meal and post-meal periods. This project was completed in 2016, providing conclusive evidence about the benefits of using lentil proteins as value-added food ingredients. Further research is warranted to understand the mechanism of action for the lentil proteins and to determine whether the same beneficial effects would be experienced in other population groups such as the elderly, women.


Theme: Human Health Outcomes
Project Title: The Effects of Lentil Fractions on Short-term Blood Glucose, Insulin, Food Intake and Appetite
Funding partners: Saskatchewan Pulse Growers and Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada
Research Team: Dr. Harvey Anderson – University of Toronto


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