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Investigating Ways to Improve the Management of Root Rot in Soybeans

Successful control of root rot in soybean has been elusive. Although the most economical and long term solution for managing is the use of resistant cultivars, no cultivars with a high level of resistance are presently available. Given the importance of Fusarium root rot in Alberta and Manitoba, understanding the pathogen composition is essential for designing new control strategies to support this emerging crop in western Canada.

To develop resistant cultivars, this research is focused on identifying the major pathogens of soybeans in western Canada. Commercial soybean fields are being evaluated for the incidence and severity of root root in Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan. This project also involves the development of molecular diagnostic procedures for the rapid detection and identification of root rot pathogens of soybean.


Theme: Agronomic Improvements
Project Title: Soybean Root Rot: Investigation and Integrated Management Strategies
Funding partners: Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers and Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada
Research Team: Dr. Debra McLaren – AAFC Brandon; Dr. Robert Conner – AAFC Morden; Dr. Stephen Strelkov – University of Alberta; Dr. Sheau-Fang Hwang – Alberta Agriculture;p Dr. Kan-Fa Chang – Alberta Agriculture; Dr. Bruce Gossen – AAFC Saskatoon

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