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Improving Nutritional Values of Dry Bean to Promote Utilization in Health Foods

In addition to protein, dry bean contains significantly high amounts of resistant starch and dietary fibers, which may open market opportunities for novel end-uses of dry bean seed components to improve nutritional value and promote its utilization in health foods.

This research project involves a comprehensive study to evaluate contents and variations of resistant starch and dietary fiber in dry bean germplasm and cultivars, identify novel dry bean lines with high levels of resistant starch and dietary fibers, and further improve nutritional value of dry bean by promoting its utilizations in health foods. Research findings of this project will enhance commercial value of dry bean produced in Canada and create new processing opportunities for use in health food.

Theme: Genetic Improvement
Project Title: Improve nutritional values of dry bean to promote its utilization in health foods
Funding partners: Alberta Pulse Growers and Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada
Research Team: Dr. John Lu – AAFC Lethbridge; Dr. Parthiba Balasubramanian – AAFC Lethbridge

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