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Project Abstract: Identification and Significance of Plant-parasitic Nematodes to Pulse Crops and Soybean

This activity aims to address a long standing neglect in understandings of plant‐parasitic nematodes in pulse and soybean cultivation in Canada. The project is structured in three parts. Part 1 focuses on resolving the market access issue of yellow peas caused by the stem nematode. This issue has been addressed and resolved by showing that D. dipsaci is not present in yellow pea fields and by various greenhouse and field studies, that nematode present on creeping thistle in the fields (D. weischeri), does not parasitize yellow pea or other pulse crops. Surveys of commercial yellow pea fields in Prairie Canada have revealed no new concerns for the presence of other plant‐parasitic nematodes. However, our laboratory has just reported D. dipsaci in garlic bulbs grown in Manitoba from infested seed pieces from Ontario. We’ve shown in this activity that D. dipsaci does parasitize yellow pea. Thus a program to avoid garlic cultivation near pulse fields is required. Part 2 focuses on nematodes of other pulse (lentil, chickpea and faba bean) crops to exclude possible market access issues developing for these crops. So far, no plant‐parasitic nematodes of concern have been found in surveys of commercial fields in Prairie Canada. Part 3 of this project addresses the loaming issue of soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) being a concern in Manitoba soybean fields and the lack of rapid and accurate methods for testing soil for levels of cysts. Two primer sets have been verified accurate to detect Ontario populations of SCN. We will use these primers to develop real time PCR primers and protocols to quantify soybean cyst nematode DNA in soil. This method will be an alternative to the laborious, costly and error prone method of cyst extraction and direct observation.


For more information, contact Dr. Mario Tenuta (204) 474-7827 mario.tenuta@umanitoba.ca



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