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Project Abstract: Enriching meat products with fibres and starches from faba beans, peas and lentils

The overall objective of the project is to enhance fibre levels of meat products through incorporation of suitable pulse fibre materials. The project partners of this project are the University of Saskatchewan and AGT Foods in Saskatoon. AGT Foods provided commercially processed red lentil and yellow pea fibre samples which were then heat treated at the pilot scale. Outcomes of this project will benefit both the pulse industry (enhance utilization of low value processing co-products) and meat industry (improve healthy attributes of the composition).

Work has now been completed on detailed physicochemical analyses and compositional analysis of fibre fractions from pea and lentil and their performance in low-fat bologna. The heat treatment applied generally had minor effects on functionality. Work on addition of these fibres in meat bologna indicated that there are potential benefits for consumers (due to fiber enchancement) and meat producers (due to purge reduction) but further refinement of these fibers may be necessary to increase the fiber content, improve sensory properties and enhance their functionality in meat products. Detailed physciochemical analysis of five faba bean varieties differing in seed size and seed coat tannin level is underway. In addition, the anti-nutritional components vicin/convicine are being evaluated in starting materials) and after processing such as soaking, germination and autoclaving.


Project lead: Dr. Phyllis Shand  (306) 966-8842  phyllis.shand@usask.ca

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