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Adapting and assessing early maturing soybean varieties for no-till production in Saskatchewan

As very early maturing soybean varieties become available, many of Saskatchewan’s pulse growers are expressing interest in adding soybeans to their production and crop rotation systems. Although soybeans are widely grown on a global basis, limited information is available, however, to assist these producers in knowing what seeding depth, rate and spacing will yield the best returns. This study will examine these parameters under no-till production conditions in Saskatchewan.

In this study, researchers are conducting field trials at different locations in Saskatchewan to compare three varieties of soybeans along with faba beans, field peas and canola planted on three different dates. Another trail will investigate the effects of seeding rates (15, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 85 seeds/m2) and seeding depth (~1.9 cm and ~3.8 cm) on soybean emergence, pod height, maturity and yield. A third trial will evaluate the effects of row spacing (25, 31, 36, 41 and 61 cm) on these same response variables.


Theme: Agronomic Improvements
Project Title: Adaptation and establishment of soybean (Glycine max) under no-till in south Saskatchewan
Funding partners: Saskatchewan Pulse Growers and Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada
Research Team: Chris Holzapfel – Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation; Bryan Nybo – Wheatland Conservation Area


Links to more information:
- Project Abstract
- SPG PulsePoint – December 2016, page 11 article titled “Back to Basics”
- SPG Annual Report 2014-2015, pg 27

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