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The Pulse Program

The Pulse Program is designed to strengthen the global pulse industry network and support stakeholder marketing activities through sharing knowledge related to research, collaborating on communications platforms, and building capacity in the industry on common interests related to processing and functionality, nutrition, health and sustainability.

Pulse Program members have a shared objective to build demand for pulses and recognition of the contribution pulses can make to healthy people and a healthy planet. A Pulse Brand logo was developed to symbolize what pulses have to offer and increase recognition of products that contain this nutritious and sustainable ingredient.

Program Benefits:

  • Access to a global Pulse Research Database that is regularly updated with the latest information on pulse industry and government funded projects
  • Access to key messages for consumers and food industry on nutrition, health and sustainability benefits of pulses that reflect the latest science
  • Webinars on common industry issues including those related to food policy and regulations
  • Input into forums to discuss and build consensus on broad industry issues like best practices for quality methods and ingredient characterization in research
  • Ability to use the Pulse Brand logo on product packaging and in promotional marketing materials
  • Ability to profile products that use the Pulse Brand logo on

Join the Pulse Program:

Pulse Program Members pay an annual fee of $1500.00 USD. Membership fees help the pulse industry fund additional research and market development activities, and cover the cost of administering the program.

Sign up for the Pulse Program here. For more information on the Pulse Program, or assistance with the sign-up process, contact the Pulse Program Administrator at