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Special Issue of the British Journal of Nutrition to focus on Pulse Nutrition and Health

A special issue of the British Journal of Nutrition (BJN) entitled ‘Pulses and Human Health’ (Volume 88 Supplement Number 3) was published in 2002. This supplement included reports from experts who were involved in a 2001 meeting to discuss the state of research on ‘Pulses and Human Health’. It has been almost a decade since that supplement was published and the body of evidence for pulses and human health research has grown significantly in that time.

As follow-up to the 2002 supplement, another special issue of the BJN focused on pulse nutrition and health research is being coordinated by Pulse Canada and is expected to be published on-line in the fall of 2011. Papers included in the supplement were accepted by at least 2 peer-reviews followed by final approval of the 3 co-editors and the editor of BJN. This issue will feature up to 15 papers including both reviews and original research, related to pulse nutrition and health research. The title of this supplement will be “The Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Pulses for Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer.”

Guest editors for the supplement are Dr. Carla Taylor (University of Manitoba, Canada), Dr. Martine Champ (University Nantes/INRA, France), and Dr. Jon Buckley (University of South Australia, Australia). The managing editor for the special issue is Carol Ann Patterson (Pathfinders Research & Management, Saskatoon, Canada).