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Scientists Providing Support to Canada’s Pulse Industry

Pulse Canada has engaged six scientists from across Canada to provide their expertise to the pulse industry in the areas of health, nutrition and food science research. The Pulse Scientific Advisory Panel includes research scientists who are leaders in the fields of weight control, heart disease and diabetes as well as food and bioproduct sciences.

Panel members include:

Dr. G. Harvey Anderson - Professor of Nutritional Sciences, Physiology and Medical Sciences, University of Toronto. Dr. Anderson has more than 300 publications related to nutrition and in recent years has focused his research on food intake and satiety including several studies on the impact of pulse consumption.
Dr. Joyce Boye - Research Scientist, Food R&D Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (St. Hyacinthe, Quebec). Dr. Boye is a protein expert and has been doing research on pulses for more than 10 years. She has been studying the bioactive effects of pea, lentil and chickpea protein fractions, processing methods for producing pulse proteins, use of pulse flours and fractions in food products including yogurt, beverages and salad dressings and has also done work on identifying flavor compounds in peas.
Dr. Peter J. Jones - Director, Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, University of Manitoba. Dr. Jones’ research interests cover cholesterol, fat and energy metabolism. He was the lead investigator on a recent human clinical study testing the effects of regularly eating pea flour and pea fibre muffins.
Dr. Linda Malcolmson - Research Scientist, Special Crops, Oilseeds and Pulses, Canadian International Grains Institute (Winnipeg, Manitoba). For more than 10 years, Dr. Malcolmson has been leading a technical team that works on a broad range of pulse processing technologies including splitting, milling, baking, noodles, pasta and extrusion.
Dr. B. Dave Oomah - Research Scientist, National Bioproducts and Bioprocesses Program, Pacific Agri-food Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (Summerland, British Columbia). Dr. Oomah is an expert in the area of mineral bioavailability and bioactive phytochemicals from pulses including assessing the functional food and nutraceutical potential of pulse ingredients.
Dr. Bob Tyler - Professor of Food and Bioproduct Sciences, University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Tyler has more than thirty years experience in pulse research including fractionation processes, starch and protein functionality, extrusion, and pulse product development. He is a co-inventor of processes for enhancing the functional properties of pea starch and manufacturing a pasta-like product from pea flour.

The panel will support Pulse Canada and Canadian provincial pulse grower associations in their efforts to encourage greater recognition of the health benefits of pulses among consumers and to drive greater use of pulses as ingredients in the global food industry.

Photos and biographies of the Pulse Scientific Advisory Panel members can be found at