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Scaled-Up Pulse Recipes for Institutional Foodservice

Pulse Canada has been working with the Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) to develop 13 pulse-based recipes in large batch sizes for use in institutional foodservice settings. Before the project began, an on-line survey of 60 dietitians working in Canadian health care food service institutions was conducted to be used as the basis for decisions regarding types of recipes, batch and portion sizes, costing, nutritional targets for different meal categories, and main dietary or health issues (e.g. fibre, sodium). Based on the survey, 94.7% of respondents said they were interested in increasing the use of pulses in their menu and key nutrition considerations for the institutions were improving fibre content and dealing with constipation.

The SHR developed the recipes using 50, 100, 250 and 500 batch sizes. These recipes have been tested in acute care, long term care, rural and urban health care facilities in Saskatchewan. For the taste panels, participants included residents and staff (dietitians, managers, supervisors). The recipes are currently being formatted into a manual that will be available from Pulse Canada in the coming weeks.