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Eye Knew That!

The word lens, as in contact lens, comes from the Latin name of the lentil, because a double-convex lens is lentil-shaped. The genus of the lentil plant is Lens, and the most commonly eaten species is Lens culinaris.

Beans Can Help Battle the Bulge

The battle of the bulge is a constant one for most of us. And apparently it’s hard to beat. The number of people who are overweight or obese continues to rise at dramatic rates. One third of Americans (36%) are obese, which is roughly 35 pounds overweight. And now North Americans aren’t the only ones facing this fight.

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‘Three Sisters’ Inspire Modern Crop Rotation

The practice of planting corn, beans and squash close together in the same soil has its roots in Native American agriculture. The legend behind the technique varies from region to region, but the principle is always the same; corn, beans and squash (dubbed the “Three Sisters”) grow stronger when they are together.

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School Fuel: Powering Up Your Child’s Lunch

Has the excitement of a new school year already worn off and left a dull, daily routine in its wake? Have you noticed your children’s lunches coming home half-eaten or worse – totally ignored? It’s time to combat drudgery by packing your child’s lunch box full of energy, colour, nutrition and flavour!

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Pumpkin Loaf Recipe

Nothing beats a slice of warm, aromatic pumpkin loaf on a cool autumn day...Can’t you smell it already?

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