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Pulses and Environmental

Pulse Canada is pleased to have recently added an in depth overview of sustainable agriculture and the contribution of pulses to its website (www. Sustainable development is an important component of business as consumers and companies are becoming more focused on the impact of the products they demand and supply. Agriculture is no different, and one could argue that due to the importance of food to our society and the tremendous population growth taking place, it is even more relevant.

Pulse Canada has responded to this market pull by creating a dedicated area of the site to deliver information on how the unique attributes of pulses contribute to a sustainable crop rotation. Canada’s pulse industry is dedicated to providing a scientific approach to measuring the sustainability of agriculture and driving continuous improvement. To assist in this endeavour, the environment section provides peer reviewed, science based information on how pulses reduce energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and water use of crop production rotations. Please visit the site at environment to see for yourself why choosing pulses can help the environment as well as provide exceptional nutrition.