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British Journal of Nutrition – Special
Supplement on Pulse Research

A special supplement to the highly regarded British Journal of Nutrition (BJN) is adding further evidence to the importance of “eating your peas”. BJN Volume 108, Supplement S1, “The Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Pulses for Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer”, features 16 new articles including both reviews and original research, focused on the latest developments in pulse nutrition and health.

“It is powerful to have all of this work documented in one place. This supplement shows that there is a considerable amount of research being done to determine specific health benefits of pulse consumption and for the first time pulse fractions like fibre, protein and starch are part of the mix. It is this type of research that will help support future health claims for pulses, which will provide consumers and food companies with the confidence and knowledge of the true health benefits of pulses and pulse ingredients,” says Tanya Der, Manager of Food Innovation & Marketing with Pulse Canada.

Highlights of the supplement include research conducted on the positive health impacts that pulse and pulse fraction consumption can have on blood sugar control, weight management and satiety, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Surveys on current levels of pulse consumption are also included. A full listing of the supplement’s articles can be viewed online at http://journals.

The supplement was overseen by guest editors Dr. Carla Taylor (University of Manitoba, Canada), Dr. Martine Champ (University Nantes/INRA, France), and Dr. Jon Buckley (University of South Australia, Australia), and the managing editor for the special issue was Dr. Carol Ann Patterson (Pathfinders Research & Management, Saskatoon, Canada). Articles include results from research conducted in Canada, the United States, Mexico, India, the EU and Australia.

This special supplement, coordinated by Pulse Canada, follows an earlier special issue of the BJN entitled “Pulses and Human Health” (Volume 88, Supplement Number 3) published in 2002. The previous supplement included reports from experts who were involved in a 2001 meeting to discuss the state of research on ‘Pulses and Human Health’