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Pulse Canada CEO urges ‘food reformulation’ to reduce greenhouse gases
Future Pulse of Pulses, Beans and Legumes (Food Processing Magazine)
Eat This Protein at Breakfast And You’ll Be Fuller Longer
Hasta la vista, meat; more pulses needed to feed hungry world
Marketing Pulse Crops a Challenge (CTV Morning Live - Saskatoon)
How beans could become America's favorite snack
The Power of Pulses: 2016 the biggest year yet for the pulse industry
The Power of Pulses: Pulses — good for the soil, and good for you, too
The Power of Pulses: The birth of the pulse crop industry
Pulses Set Racing at Victoria Falls
University of Guelph students create pulse mix for healthier meat
The nutritional benefits of pulses
Pulses: The Superfood You've Never Heard Of
6 Ways To Sneak Lentils And Beans Into Everyday Recipes
What is a Pulse Anyway? You've Probably Been Eating Them All Your LIfe
Leslie Beck: Fit in more fibre to lower risk of breast cancer
Leslie Beck: How to maintain a healthy diet on a tight food budget
Here are some protein and fibre-packed bean and lentil recipes
High value food shopping with a lower loonie
Pulses packed with plenty of protein
Pulse Pledge Encouraging Consumers to Eat More Peas and Lentils,
7 Recipes to Celebrate the Year of Pulses
Canada AM - Protein packed breakfast ideas
Pulses have staying power
Chickpeas, lentils and beans celebrated in year of the pulses
How to cook beans, lentils and more
What Exactly Are Pulses: What's The Deal?
Legumes in spotlight during International Year of Pulses
The making of the next big food trend
Pulses with Julie Van Rosendaal
Why a food you have never heard of could be key to feeding the world
The UN declares 2016 the year of pulses
Légumineuses - La Semaine Verte
Cooking up good things with pulses
Benefits of Pulses
Manitoba Celebrates Pulse Crops
Pulses: food trend of the year says Chef Michael Smith
International Year of Pulses highlights nutrition, sustainability
What are 'pulses' and how to include them into your diet
It's 2016 - time for some lentils
Protein-packed chickpeas, lentils popular during International Year of Pulses
A new superfood for athletes?
Versatile beans are the little black dress of your kitchen pantry
#LovePulses: 10 Ways to Celebrate the International Year of Pulses
9 food trends we'll devour in 2016
Make your culinary heart beat faster with chickpeas, lentils, and other legumes
Eat healthier and keep your grocery costs down
Chef Michael Smith promotes International Year of Pulses
What to watch for in Ottawa in 2016: Food Trends
Lucky lentils: Saskatchewan pulse healthy start to year
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