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Pulses: Cooking with Beans, Peas, Lentils and Chickpeas (2016) This recipe booklet includes our most up-to-date collection of recipes. It combines recipes from an earlier version of the book with some favourites from the gluten-free edition. Along with 55 recipes that feature whole pulses and pulse ingredients, in this book you will find information on the types of pulses grown in Canada, their nutritional benefits and how to cook with them.

Les Légumineuses: Haricots, Pois, Pois chiches & Lentilles (2010) Les légumineuses : découvrez-en toutes les saveurs, toute la convivialité, toutes les vertus alimentaires. Appréciées depuis des millénaires par de nombreuses cultures dans le monde, les légumineuses prennent part à tous les types de recettes : hors-d’oeuvre, salades, soupes, plats principaux, collations, et même desserts et pâtisseries!

Pulses and the Gluten-Free Diet: Cooking with Beans, Peas Lentils and Chickpeas (2011) Pulse Canada’s latest recipe booklet was created to answer the growing need for gluten-free recipes. Developed in collaboration with Shelley Case, RD, dietician and author and Carol Fenster, PhD, consultant and author of several gluten-free cookbooks, Pulses and the Gluten-Free Diet includes recipes for 26 gluten-free main dishes, desserts and baked goods.

All recipe booklets are available as free downloads!  Click on the image of each booklet above to save a copy to your computer, or to print and add to your recipe book collection.

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