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2014 marked the 6th annual MISSION: IMPULSEIBLE student food product development competition!

Regional competitions were held across Canada and nearly 30 post-secondary teams accepted the challenge of developing a wholesome and delicious snack food kids using Canadian peas, beans, chickpeas and lentils. Each team was also tasked with creating a promotional video of their product and launching it on social media via Youtube to reach a greater audience (all video submissions can be seen below).

On July 8th the top 4 regional teams met in Saskatoon for their final mission: to present and market their innovative food products to a live audience and a panel of judges. Judges included:
Colten Nickerson, a young man with a distinguished pallet
Lee Shilvock, Global Product Manager- Pulses at Intertek
Dr. Michael Nickerson, Ministry of Agriculture Research Chair at the University of Saskatchewan
Rachel Kehrig, Director of Communications and Marketing with Saskatchewan Pulse Growers 

Left to right: Judges Lee Shilvock, Rachel Kehrig, Dr. Michael Nickerson, Colten Nickerson.

During the national event the audience was invited to vote live for their favourite product based on presentation, video and sensory appeal. The votes from the audience accounted for a 50% weight for the final results.

First place was awarded to Stacey Seufert, Christie Cheng, Diana Nguyen and Anastassia Astrakhansteva from the University of Alberta for their product Pulse Pops. Pulse Pops is a portable cake pop made with pea butter, black beans and chickpeas. Pulse pops are a nutritious snack geared toward children ages 6 to 9.

Left to right: Anastassia Astrakhanseva, Christie Cheng, Diana Ngyuen and Stacey Seufert from the University of Alberta.


Second place was awarded to Olivia Newton, Emily Glover and Katherine Cvitkovitch from Mount Saint Vincent University for their product Pulsicles. Pulsicles are a nutrient dense frozen yogurt popsicle made with pulses and fruit. Puslicles are a refreshing snack marketed toward kids ages 6 to 15.

Left to right:Olivia Newton, Katherine Cvitkovitch and Emily Glover from Mount Saint Vincent University.

Third place was awarded to Kylene Tiu, Jamie Siu, Matika Suwanrumpha and Jessica Chan from the University of British Columbia. The team developed Zoobitz, a delicious pulse cookie and dip duo made with navy beans, yellow peas and chickpeas.

Left to right: Kylene Tiu, Jamie Siu, Jessica Chan, Matika Suwanrumpha from the University of British Columbia.

Shelly Yu and Li Feng Xie, students from McGill University and the University of Montreal, created Beannolio, a crispy chickpea wafer pizzella that is accompanied by a variety of pulse fillings. This product is a health alternative to pastry snack and is geared to children ages 6 to 9.

Left to right: Li Feng Xie from McGill University and Shelly Yu from University of Montreal.

The student teams were awarded $2500, $1,200 and $500 for first, second and third place.



2014 Promotional Videos

  • Dal-ro-ghee

  • Chicken Pot Pie Pops

  • Pulse Pops

  • Tip Top Pea Butter Cups

  • Chocofruitter Biscuits

  • Besan Bites

  • Bitz- wafer roll

  • Zoobitz

  • Bananzo Waffles

  • Red Bean Bars

  • Star Power Cookies

  • Sweet Pea Cake

  • Garbanzoos

  • Pulsewich

  • Beanolli

  • Bean Bubbles

  • The VegaPocket

  • Just Right Beanie Snacks

  • Cool Beanz! Microwavables

  • Pulse-Za

  • Pulsesicles

  • GarBitOs

  • Mus'coop

  • Banana Bread Crispies

  • Chocolitious Beanie Brownie

  • Pulseman Garlic Flavoured Chips

  • Happy Time Pancakes
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