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This year’s Mission: ImPULSEible Saskatchewan was held on April 5, 2012. Pulse Canada in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Association hosted the event at the SPG headquarters in Saskatoon, SK. Thank-you competitors for making this an exciting and delicious competition! Read on to see our winners:

1st Place was awarded to Andrea Maximchuk and Katie Giles (right, with Tanya Der, Pulse Canada) from SIAST for ‘Pulseibilities’ (shown below), a tri-coloured, bow-tie pasta.

Pulseibilities’ is made with a combination of flours from red & green lentils, chickpea, pea and beans.

2nd Place went to Rochelle Kwochka and Stacey Cornish (below with Tanya Der, Pulse Canada) from SIAST for Quick Pulse (left), a multi-purpose dry bakery mix made with chickpea and red lentil flour.

3rd Place went to Dustin Goertzen (right, with Tanya Der, Pulse Canada) from SIAST for his Hummus (below) made with red lentil and navy bean flour. 

Thank-you to our judges who had to make the difficult decision about who to crown as victor of the 2012 M:I Saskatchewan:

Kofi Agblor, CDC
Tanya Der, Pulse Canada
Crystal Chan, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers
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