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Pulse Canada, Alberta Pulse Growers Commission and the Alberta Government sponsored the 3rd annual Edmonton pulse product development competition at the NAIT culinary school on March 21st, 2011. Six teams entered this year's competition making it an exciting day. Here are the winning teams from Alberta:


First Place went to Paula Duenas, Marshall Bell, Eden Berhe and Kate Alexander of the U of A for "Chickitos". Chickitos are a gluten-free chickpea chip snack that tastes good and is good for you. The natural nuttiness of chickpeas in the chip is complimented by the seasonings giving this crunchy chip a desirable golden colour and exotic flavour (turmeric). Chickitos is high in fibre and protein and also a good source of iron, copper and manganese. (Photos courtesy of NAIT)


2nd Place went to Leslie Wong from NAIT with her Pulse Medley Gnocchi. The Pulse Medley Gnocchi is a variation of the traditional Italian potato gnocchi. This gluten-, egg-, dairy- and wheat-free formula is made with a robust blend of pinto beans, dark red kidney beans, chickpeas and pea flour. This gnocchi is an excellent source of fibre and is low in saturated fats, trans fats and salt. (Photos courtesy of NAIT)


3rd place went to Yukling Kyang and Yao Fu of the University of Alberta. Kyang and Fu developed pulse noodles made with a blend of wheat and pulse flour, including chickpea, lentil and split pea flours. These sheeted noodles have a neutral flavour and can be accompanied with seasoned soups or sauces of your choice making this product suitable for diverse markets. The complementary effect of blending plant-based proteins from wheat and pulse flours provide a product with a more balanced amino acid profile leading to higher protein quality. (Photos courtesy of NAIT)


Other products from the Alberta competition include:

Curried Chickpea Perogies were developed by Levi Sharko from NAIT. This product is a variation of the traditional perogy. By replacing the potato with chickpeas in the filling, a healthier alternative with bold new flavour combinations is possible. The dough can be made with whole wheat flour, or completely replaced with chickpea flour, thus allowing the latter to have gluten free status in addition to high fibre and iron.

"Cheeky Cookies with Roasted Chickpeas" were developed by Mallory Bowes from NAIT. These cookies contain roasted and ground Kabuli chickpeas offering consumers a tasty and healthy treat that is gluten-free and full of fibre. Cheeky cookies are a healthy alternative to high fat and sugar cookies.

"Pulse Power Bar" was developed by Casey Bond from NAIT. This bar is made with a blend of chickpea and pumpkin flour mixed with bananas, hemp seed and egg. The bar is packed with nutrients and can help keep you full. The bar can be sold flash frozen which maintains product freshness.

(Photos courtesy of NAIT)

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to everyone for competing and making for an exciting M:I Alberta!

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