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2011 National Competition

2011 marked the third annual Mission: ImPULSEible food product development competition organized by Pulse Canada and it was another successful year for the event. Winners from each provincial competition had the opportunity to compete against one another at the national Mission: ImPULSEible competition held on July 12 in Vancouver, in conjunction with the Canadian Special Crops Association Silver Jubilee convention.

Thank-you to Intertek Food and Agri-Services, sponsor for the 2011 competition. Prizes for first, second and third place were $2,500, $1,000 and $500 respectively.

First place was awarded to Paula Duenas, Marshall Bell, Eden Berha and Kate Alexander from the University of Alberta for “Chickitos".Chickitos are a crispy chip-like snack made of chickpea flour and are intended to be a healthier alternative to traditional potato chips. Chickitos provide snackers with fibre, protein and minerals and are also gluten-free.

From left to right: M. Bell, E. Berhe, P. Duenas and K. Alexander.

Second place went to Erin Berscheid, Caitlin Olauson and Kaipeng Yu of Rec Boy Inc. from the University of Saskatchewan. “Benny Bar” is a beneficial pulse snack bar that contains chickpeas and lentils used in different applications throughout the bar. The main component of the Benny Bars consists of lentils, granola and a syrup mixture. Chickpea butter is used to mimick the desirable peanut butter flavour without the allergenic risk.

From left to right: E. Bersheid, K. Yu and C. Olauson.

Hannah Rotstein, Hilary Watt, and Adi Berk from the University of Guelph came in third place with “Dip N’ Go” - a handy snack for adults comprised of bean crisps and dip. The crisps, chip-like crackers made up of a mixture of bean flours with a tasty pulse-based dip as an accompaniment made for a delicious snack. "Dip N' Go" comes in three flavours: Mexican Fiesta, Mediterranean Garden and Belgian Chocolate.

From left to right: H. Watt, H. Rotstein and A. Berk.

Congratulations to all competitors and we look forward to seeing you in next year's competition!

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