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First place in Alberta went to Douglas Wong (right), with "YoPulse", a pea protein based drinkable yogurt. YoPulse contains pre-biotics and pro-biotics as well as twice the amount of protein than milk. YoPulse is a perfect way to replenish the body after a tough workout. Wong's product contains about 7% protein, while others on the market today only carry 3-4%.


2nd place was awarded to Sabaratnam Naguleswaran (right) with his "Pea-a-Beef" and "Pea-a-Pork" products. Sabaratnam made breakfast sausages using blends of meat and pea protein concentrate.

Blending meat with pea protein will keep the desired protein levels, while reducing the amount of red meat will lower the saturated fat content. Naguleswaran's breakfast sausages could be easily made at home for a delicious addition to breakfast, or a snack at any time. As well, with pea protein being less expensive than meat, the product should be an affordable option.


3rd place ame to a tie between Kitty Yim, Wendy Teh, Mandy Chan, Brigitte So, and Sijia Hao with "Heartbeats", a healthy frozen treat made with red beans and green tea and Chris Song, Evelyn Marieta, Jenise Wong, and Jillian Lo with "Bean Caviar", a sweet bean mixture made into tiny spheres to be used as toppings on various items.

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