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Maritimes Mission ImPULSEible Competition - April 5th, 2013

On April 5, 2013, Pulse Canada joined forces with Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) to hold Mission ImPULSEible in the Maritimes. Eleven teams representing MSVU, Acadia University Holland College (of PEI?) and leading culinary schools battled it out in Halifax. The competition saw the creation of many savoury delights including garlic fingers, ravioli and samosas, as well as a host of specialty desserts including gluten-free moon cakes, a yogurt dessert, and a ready-to-go ice-cream cone product. Rounding out the slate of products, judges were also presented with gluten-free animal cracker style biscuits, chickpea snacks, pop tarts – even a healthy chickpea milk beverage.

This was the second time MI was held in Atlantic Canada and there was a large turnout, with many enthusiastic supporters cheering on the competing teams.Staff from MSVU and Holland College were also on hand to provide support to their students. Judges included Lil MacPherson, owner of The Wooden Monkey restaurant, Sean Gallagher founder of Local Source Catering, Market and Bakery, and Tanya Der from Pulse Canada. The judges asked commercially relevant questions with emphasis on local food markets in the Maritimes. The emphasis was related to increasing demand for gluten free, vegan, organic and high fibre foods.

MI is gaining momentum in Atlantic Canada as more students and members of food sector are exposed to the potential of pulses.

And the winners are…

First Place: VegaMax nutritional beverage made with chickpea milk (P Connolly & J Bullee, Holland College)

The VegaMax nutritional beverage will be presented at national competition during the Pulse and Special Crops Convention on June 25th in Calgary.

VegaMax - Tanya Der, Patricia Connelly, Jason BUllee, Phillip Joy

Second Place: Feve Reve, "Dream Bean" ready-to-go ice cream cone product made with chickpea flour cone, pureed navy beans ice cream garnished with candied red lentils (E Glover, O Newton, K Cvitkovitch, Mount Saint Vincent University)

Feve Reve - Bohdan Luhovy, Tanya Der, Olica Newton, Katie Cvitkovitch, Emily Gover, Phillip Joy.

Third Place: Ravioli di Fagioli made with chickpeas, red kidney beans and black beans in the filling and chickpea flour in the dough (A Monett-Riding, A Lombardi-Hartig, Holland College)

Ravioli di Fagioli - Bohdan, Luhovy, Tanya Der, Amanda Monett-Riding, Alex Lombardi-Hartig, Phillip Joy.

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