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Mission ImPULSEible Alberta - March 25th, 2013

Pulse Canada in collaboration with Alberta Pulse hosted the 5th annual Mission ImPULSEible competition at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) in Edmonton, Alberta.

Six teams competed, and both NAIT and University of Alberta were represented. The teams went head-to-head with tasty pulse-based products, including: a chickpea and kidney bean pizza, pulse fries, a lentil cluster cereal, an ice cream sandwich, a gluten-free pulse crepe and a pea-based pudding.

Judges included:

Jeff Doucette, founder of the retail intelligence and mobile research firm Field Agent Canada.

Kelsey Masciola, a registered dietician and fitness enthusiast who works with athletes and major sports teams in Edmonton.

Mike Pedersen, an Operations Specialist with Save-On Foods in Alberta.

Troy Sturzenegger, a Food Scientist specializing in bakery applications for crops at Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s Food Processing Development Centre in Leduc.

Teams responded to insightful questions relating to their products’ processing feasibility, shelf life, projected cost, product differentiation and market potential.

Congratulations to all teams that participated! You really inspired us!

And the winners are…

First Place: Chizza Pizza Batter made with chickpea flour and sauce made with pureed red kidney beans. (Karen Ting and Anastassia Astrakhantseva, University of Alberta)

The Chizza Pizza will be presented at national competition during the Pulse and Special Crops Convention on June 25th in Calgary!

Chizza Pizza - Karen Ting and Anastassia Astrakhantseva.

Second Place: Ceci Fries, a french fry alternative made with fava bean and chickpea flour (Marshall Bell and Amanda Anderson, NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)

Ceci Fries - Marshall Bell and Amanda Anderson.

Third Place: Coco Free-ze, an ice cream sandwich made with chickpea flour (Katie Cochet , Rosanne Vandecamp, Selina Asucion, Miranda Maione, Julia Cochet, NAIT)

Coco Free-ze - Katie Cochet, Julia Hogendoorn, Selina Asucion,
Rosanne Vandekamp, Miranda Maione.

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