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Mission Completed! 

For 2016 International Year of Pulses, Canadian post-secondary students were tasked with re-creating traditional food products with Canadian pulses (peas, lentils, beans and chickpeas).

Between November 2015 and January 2016, 42 student teams from 17 schools across the country took on the pulse challenge! The top 6 teams from each region moved on to the National Competition which took place on February 22, 2016 in Vancouver, BC.

We had a great line up of judges from industry, academia and government, including (From L-R):

  • Chef Vikram Vij, Entrepreneur, Author & Television Personality
  • Dr. Michael Nickerson, Ministry of Agriculture Strategic Research Chair -University of Saskatchewan.
  • Paul Wong, Vice President of Research & Development - Daiya Foods
  • Councillor Paul McDonell, City of Burnaby (missiong from photo).

The 2016 Mission:ImPULSEible competition featured some of the most innovative products we have ever seen. Here are the results:

1st Place was awarded to Caileigh Smith & Evelyn Helps from the University of Guelph with Fiberger, a high fibre meat extender containing red lentils, green peas and chickpeas.

2nd Place was awarded to Austen Neil, Chandre Van de Merwe & Nicolle Mah from the University of Alberta with BiotaGeleta, a gelato-inspired dessert made with fermented bean milk made using an assortment of pulses. BiotaGeleta contains probiotics and is non-dairy and gluten-free.

3rd Place was awarded to Lisa Cook & Hailey Madill from Mount Saint Vincent University with Vital ImPulse, a nutrient-dense breakfast bar containing faba bean flour, chickpea flour, and green lentils.


Other pulse innovations included Team UBC’s CocoPea2, a vegan fudge made with lentil and chickpea flours and topped with honeycomb and toasted lentils; Team McGill’s Pulse & Pomace Crisps, which are dehydrated sweet snacking crisps made with fruit pomace in combination with lentil flour, chickpea flour and pea protein; and Red River College’s trio of hot sauces made with whole chickpeas, lentils and black beans. 

Check out the Promotional Videos below:

Vital Impulse

Pum' Crisps



Sensible Sauces


Teams placing first and second will now rise to the international spotlight, representing Canada at the Global LovePulses Product Showcase on July 19, 2016 during the Institute of Food Technologists Expo (IFT) in Chicago. Ten other countries are also hosting national competitions in 2016 and will be a part of the Showcase which will demonstrate the versatility of pulses to the world’s leading food professionals.


Quotes from the Contestants:

“We are thrilled that Fiberger was voted this year’s winner,” said Smith. “We wanted to highlight the versatility of pulses by showing the average diet doesn't have to make drastic changes to see improvements. We believe that Fiberger is a convenient and innovative food that will allow North American families to realize this pulse potential".

“Fiberger can be used in many different ways,” says Helps. “For example, adding Fiberger to patties and meatballs can reduce the amount of meat required, while adding fibre and protein to enhance the nutrition of the meal. Fiberger can also help families decrease their food costs by giving them a healthy, affordable ingredient to add to their protein dishes.” 

Coming Up:

LovePulses Product Showcase - Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting & Food Expo
July 16-19, 2016 Chicago, Illinois.

What is Mission: ImPULSEible?

Post secondary students enrolled in a food science or related discipline or culinary arts program at a University, College, Technical College or Culinary School are invited to participate in Mission: ImPULSEible. 

The students' mission is to develop innovative, tasty and marketable food products containing whole pulses or pulse ingredients. Judges evaluate the products based on sensory and health attributes, innovative use of pulses, feasibility and marketability. Provincial competitions are held early in the year.

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