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Are you looking to add a unique, healthy twist to your establishment’s menu? Look no further than pulses. Healthy, versatile and affordable, pulses offer countless opportunities to refresh a dated menu item, add a new vegetarian option or pump up side dishes with new flavours and textures.

Pulses and pulse ingredients can also help foodservice operators meet special dietary requirements of their customers – pulses are gluten-free, heart healthy, have a low glycemic index and are low in fat and sodium.

We encourage you to explore this section of to learn about different pulses and pulse ingredients that are available, where to find them, how to use them, and to learn how easy it is to incorporate pulses into large scale dishes.

Ten Easy Ways to Add More Pulses to Menus

  1. Add chickpeas to any green salad to increase protein without the fat.
  2. Add whole chickpeas or lentils to pasta sauce or chili to add fibre.
  3. Add puréed* chickpeas or lentils to meatloaf to reduce the amount of ground beef and boost fibre.
  4. Mix black beans into salsa for a high fibre dip.
  5. Mix puréed* chickpeas or white beans with fresh or dry herbs and use as a sandwich spread.
  6. Include black beans in omelettes or quesadillas to add fibre.
  7. Add cooked chickpeas to soups to increase protein.
  8. Replace half the butter or oil when baking with a lentil purée* to lower the fat.
  9. Add beans to rice side dishes to make a tasty, complete protein. It will also boost the mineral and vitamin content of the dish.
  10. Serve chickpea hummus or bean dip with vegetables for a healthy appetizer option.
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