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Beans and Cholesterol Lowering

From L to R: Dr. Kathleen Ellwood, Dr. Peter Jones, Dr. Loretta DiFrancesco, Dr. David Jenkins, Dr. Alison Duncan

An Expert Panel Workshop on Beans and Cholesterol Lowering was held on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario. The purpose of the workshop was to provide an opportunity for industry, academia and regulatory experts to discuss the existing research on beans and blood cholesterol levels, specifically with respect to the potential for health claim development in Canada and the US. Invited Expert Reviewers Dr. Peter Jones, Dr. David Jenkins and Dr. Alison Duncan presented their comments on the results of the systematic literature review of existing research in this area. The Literature Review was conducted earlier this year by a third party consulting firm (Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc.) and was facilitated based on the structure of Health Canada’s existing guidance document for health claim applications.

Following presentations by the expert reviewers, several questions were posed to a panel consisting of the expert reviewers as well as Dr. Kathleen Ellwood, formerly with the US FDA involved in reviewing health claim submissions and Dr. Loretta DiFrancesco, a Canadian regulatory specialist. At the end of the day, breakout groups discussed research gaps and potential for other marketing/claim initiatives and provided feedback to the group.

There were over 20 participants for this invitational event including the pulse industry, food industry and research scientists.

Funding for this project was provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP). In Ontario, this program is delivered by the Agricultural Adaptation Council.

For more information, please contact Julianne Curran at

Agenda - Beans and Cholesterol Lowering Expert Panel Workshop Agenda - Beans and Cholesterol Lowering Expert Panel Workshop
Delegate Information Package Delegate Information Package
1 - Health Claims Canada US (Krista Coventry) 1 - Health Claims Canada US (Krista Coventry)
2 - Overview of Literature Review (Rachel Rebry) 2 - Overview of Literature Review (Rachel Rebry)
3 - Expert Reviewer (Alison Duncan) 3 - Expert Reviewer (Alison Duncan)
4 - Expert Review (David Jenkins) 4 - Expert Review (David Jenkins)
5 - Expert Reviewer (Peter Jones) 5 - Expert Reviewer (Peter Jones)
6 - Health Claims Global (Krista Coventry) 6 - Health Claims Global (Krista Coventry)
7 - Canadian Pulse Industry Overview (Julianne Curran) 7 - Canadian Pulse Industry Overview (Julianne Curran)
Meeting Notes - Beans & Cholesterol Lowering Expert Panel Meeting Notes - Beans & Cholesterol Lowering Expert Panel
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