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Vision & Mission Statement


Worldwide demand for Canadian pulses will grow each year as every market segment recognizes their value as healthy, sustainable and functional food products.


To contribute to the profitability of the Canadian pulse industry through programs designed to deliver innovative solutions that improve efficiencies and increase value.


  1. We are proactive and visionary in our thinking.
  2. We are pragmatic problem solvers in an evolving industry serving a changing world.
  3. We believe that success is a measurable result.
  4. We believe that performance is calculated by how we add to the financial success of our members.
  5. We respect the perspectives and priorities of individual members as we work to provide services that benefit the entire industry.
  6. We have the courage to lead and make difficult decisions.
  7. We believe that the ongoing vitality of our industry requires that we constantly challenge ourselves to do better by adding new perspectives.
  8. We believe in the power of strategic partnerships and in working efficiently.
  9. We believe that leading with passion and taking risks is part of what is needed to create an enabling environment in which innovation will flourish.
  10. We will contribute to a work environment that earns respect from shareholders and generates pride for all staff and members.

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