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Pulse Canada is the national industry association that represents growers, processors and traders of pulse crops in Canada. Direction and funding for Pulse Canada is provided by the Alberta Pulse Growers Commission, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, the Manitoba Pulse Growers Association, the Ontario Bean Growers, and the processors and exporters of Canadian peas, lentils, beans and chickpeas that are members of the Canadian Special Crops Association (CSCA).

Created in 1997, Pulse Canada's primary focus during its early years was international market development and market access. Over the years, Pulse Canada's operations broadened to include initiatives focused on human health and nutrition as well as the development of animal nutrition markets for feed peas. In 2006, Pulse Canada's operations merged with the CSCA.

Today, the organization's activities include five operational areas: Market Access, Market Growth and Innovation, Transportation, Environment and Industry Initiatives. In addition to the collaborative funding provided by the provincial pulse grower associations and the CSCA, Pulse Canada also receives funding through federal and provincial government programs such as the Canadian Agriculture and Food International program (CAFI), the Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agrifood program (ACAAF) and the Science & Innovation - Agriculture Policy Framework (APF) to achieve objectives established in the five main areas of focus.

Building on Success: The Canadian Pulse Industry

Brand Canada

A "Brand Canada" strategy is being implemented by the federal and provincial governments to raise the international profile of Canadian food and agriculture products in cooperation with the food and agriculture sector.  The Canada Brand is designed to foster increased demand by nurturing and capitalizing on positive perceptions of Canada.  In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, Canada’s positive image abroad is a good way to differentiate our products.

As a company operating in international markets, Pulse Canada has been authorized to use the Brand Canada logo

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