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Exploring Pulse Potential in China

December 4, 2017 (WINNIPEG) – Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to China this week should be an opportune time to strengthen China-Canada agri-food business opportunities supporting the “Healthy People/Healthy Planet” food sector growth strategy that is important to both countries.

The Canadian pulse industry was in China November 20-25 meeting with companies that will be an important part of creating incremental demand for Canadian pulses in an economically vibrant market. China is already Canada’s second largest market for peas for fractionation, snacks and feed. Pulse flour is also seen as an important growth opportunity for Canadian yellow peas in China.

Food companies across various sectors including meat, bakery, biscuit, snacks and noodles are eager to innovate to better align with government and consumer priorities for health and nutrition. The food processing industry is quickly evolving, with meat companies developing new hybrid products, dairy companies looking to add plant based protein sources, biscuit companies adapting traditional favourites to fit modern tastes, and noodle companies diversifying beyond the staple noodle to incorporate ingredients such as peas.

There is major opportunity to expand consumption and utilization of pulses in China to meet government priorities such as the Healthy China 2030 Plan and the National Nutrition Plan 2017-2030. Expansion at just one fractionation facility visited by the Canadian pulse group during the visit to China will increase that company’s demand for peas by an additional 300,000 tonnes starting 2018.

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